Fun Facts

Rin, adj. Rin. Equal, well-balanced.
“Rin-rin” is just a nickname her parents gave her. It looks like this in Chinese:

She is a native suburban New Yorker who hauls six dozen bagels to her Maryland freezer every time she visits New York. She has resided in St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Paris. She has loved them all equally, especially Paris.

This is a map of places Rin-rin has traveled to in yellow. As you see, there are still too many white spots.

Around the World with Rin-rin
Make yours @
Make yours @

Rin-rin is not registered with a political party. It started when she was a political TV news producer and didn’t want to take sides for journalistic integrity. Since then she has decided she didn’t like the concept of political parties. But don’t label her an “independent.” She’s not into labels.

Rin-rin was classically trained in piano and flute at the Manhattan School of Music. She has perfect pitch, which can be fun when someone asks what note the tea kettle, doorbell, or squeaking car brakes are making.

In high school, Rin-rin wanted to be an astronaut. She even went to Space Academy one summer. Chelsea Clinton was there at the same time. Neither of them became astronauts.

She runs, but does not call herself a “runner” (that whole label-thing). Although she prefers running’s efficiency and minimalism, she doesn’t actually enjoy it very much. However, she ran her first 5K at age 11 and since run many other 5Ks, 10Ks, 10-milers, half-marathons and even one marathon (New York). She trained for the Paris Marathon, “but then coronavirus.”

Rin-rin can speak and sort of read/ write in Mandarin Chinese and do all three in French somewhat proficiently, and she eavesdrops incredibly well in both languages.

Rin-rin collects business cliches. Her favorite is “low hanging fruit.” Another is “stakeholder” in which she envisions people holding steaks.

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